Frank Pizzurro, AIA

For Frank, architecture is not just his life’s journey and intrinsic to who he is, it is in his bloodline. Frank is the great grandnephew of Rosario Candela, the prominent New York City architect whose prewar residential designs featuring terraced setbacks and signature penthouses are still sought after by New York City’s elite. His lineage comes from both sides, as Candela’s mother was also a Pizzurro. This explains Frank’s innate eye for design and construction, which was ignited early on during a family trip to Montelepre, Sicily, the birthplace of both his father and his great uncle. Frank marveled at how the rules of science in building these great cathedrals overlapped with art, and his fascination grew into a passion. By the age of 15 he was committed to pursuing a career in architecture and interior design.

Frank was educated at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and earned a Bachelor in Architecture and Fine Arts from RISD. He immediately joined one of New York City’s most prominent architecture firms, and for the next 15 years worked with some of the most highly regarded architects in the business. There he gained experience as the architect and manager for numerous residential and commercial projects, including household names such as Merrill Lynch, Sheraton and UBS.

In his last corporate job, Frank worked on rebuilding the Word Financial Center after the World Trade Center fell in 2001. This involvement in the recovery of New York, along with his previous experience, gave him the courage and credibility to form Frank Pizzurro, Jr. Architects, which would later expand to include Interiors and Consulting.

Today, Frank Pizzurro Architects is regarded for its expertise in historic preservation and landmark consulting. Frank is intimately familiar with the design and style of Rosario Candela’s neo-classical limestones as well as Greek Revival, Tudor, Gothic, and others used in the historic buildings of New York City. This knowledge of historical decorative styles with his expertise in preservation requirements and ability to restore and add on to landmark properties in a way that honors their original splendor have earned him numerous prominent restoration projects.

Frank is a member of the conservation board in the landmark town of Bedford in Westchester, where he lives with his family. His architectural offices are located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and Westchester, convenient to his clients.